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Roof-Edge Protection System

Optimal protection of personnel

Free-standing or fixed systems


Adjustable and adaptable

Limited trip hazard

Can be assembled in reverse for unobstructed walkways

Optional powder coating

Tested as compliant with national and international Standards

No welding required

Interclamp RoofRail

Interclamp RoofRail is a modular system of freestanding temporary handrails for fall prevention on roof perimeters and the designation of access ways for maintenance personnel and fire escapes on roof tops, suitable for both retrofit and new build. As RoofRail is non-penetrative, it eliminates the risk of leaks associated with traditional systems which penetrate the roof membrane, thus alleviating the need for weatherproofing around posts and minimising installation risks, lead-times and costs. The system is low-profile, sliding easily beneath existing rooftop obstructions and providing minimal trip hazard once installed. Where required to meet regulations, a kickplate/toeboard is available.

RoofRail has been successfully independently tested to BS EN 13374:2013 Class A (Temporary Edge Protection Systems) in a UKAS-accredited British laboratory. We can also offer solutions for fully-compliant permanent structures which penetrate the roof surface and for temporary or permanent warning chains/posts used for demarcation.

For permanent installations outside the United Kingdom, please contact us with your specification or relevant national or European standard, so that we can assess the suitability of Interclamp RoofRail for your application.

RoofRail is hot-dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:2009 and is also available with optional powder coating in a choice of colours, applied over the galvanised steel to ensure the longevity of the system and its coating. The flat base plates have ribbed rubber mats bonded to the underside which include an EPDM foam infill. This foam infill reduces heat transfer to the roof in order to reduce potential membrane degradation. RoofRail is adjustable by up to 250mm in height and is levelled to the line of the building and against the falls of the roof to optimise aesthetics from ground level. It can be installed in reverse for unobstructed walkways and can be terminated by Interclamp wall fixings, 2m return ends, or suitable counterweights.

For new asphalt roofs, please seek advice from your asphalt supplier or manufacturer, as tiles may be required under the base assemblies to prevent the system from sinking into the softer surface. We previously marketed RoofRail-type systems designed to prevent roof-top falls under the Easyguard name.  

As an alternative to the RoofRail free-standing system, Interclamp also offers roof-edge protection fixed to either vertical or horizontal faces of parapet walls or upstands, dependent on client preferences. Heavier duty fixed rails can be designed to meet most loads and comply with BS 6180.

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