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167 - Double Swivel Combination

A versatile swivel fitting, useful for awkward applications where angles cannot be accommodated by adjustable angle fittings. The assembly is riveted together, although items can be supplied separately as 167M and 2 x 173F. The through tube (vertical in photo) cannot be joined within the fitting.

Warning: To provide sufficient stability, whole structures must not be made from swivel fittings alone.


Dane i wymiary produktu

Rozmiar b (mm) Waga (kg) Box Qty* Part No
  A27   202   0.77   56   167-A27
  B34   208   1.09   36   167-B34
  C42   228   1.32   20   167-C42
  D48   259   1.53   16   167-D48
  E60   300   2.4   8   167-E60

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